Mine Ruinen

I ran away


I got out of the asshole which my the "society" has dug up for me and I am now location in the Moldova, in the center of accommodation of asylum seekers. I ran almost without funds, through four countries, walked about 500 miles, getting in the way help and support, and sometimes interference and sabotage.

Thanks Turkey! Lots of thanks! Allah Akbar!

Hey, Ashley! I'm the A! I really wanna to see you again.
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Last: Wingorodov
First: Andrew
Email: wingorodov@gmail.com
Website: www.andr.ru
Resident: Russia
Location(GPS): 45°0'49.65"N 37°22'36.00"E (Ford Transit 100L)
Subject: Hidden Harassment
Concerned: Russian Authority, Precinct "Hidden" Police.
Submitting the complaint on the author’s own behalf.

Affiliated with the authorities the crime is robbing me.
I'm subjected to threats and attacks of hoodlums.
Often I see traces of intrusion, rummage of dwelling, theft.
They are consistently destroy or render useless my stuff,
poisoning and infect water, food and garden, all the times.
I'm under continuous surveillance and spying.
All of my action is blocked, even gardening.
Communication under control and wiretapping.
Social and police protection is not available.
Email maybe filtered or forged, I have curious events.
Calls can be intercepted and forwarded to an actors.
Make sure contact to me, perhaps it's not.
I've a way for strong identification in a case.
I deprived of livelihood, so as to force commit me to crimes.
As purpose to arson I devoid an abode.
The robust guys demonstrating a crutch to me, looks like threat.
Agents blow a bad rumour about me, tackle about am I crazy.
But I am not the Putin, I didn't said that.

Full story http://www.andr.ru/mineruinen
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Please, inform about that humanrights organization. 
I think I've no reliable communication. 
I have no responses. 
If the situation changes, this message will be removal immediately.

- By whom? 
- By my f..ing old enemies, Watson! 

(Origin dialog, reconstruction)

Curriculum Vitae


At the highschool for independent critical judgment on the political and public social life; refusal to join the Komsomol (The All-Union Leninist Young Communist League); refusal to study the history of the CPSU I was subjected to condemnation, psychic pressure, persecutions, bullies attack.

I was not admitted to the final exam.

HumanRightsArticlesViolation# 18, 19, 20[2], 26[1,2]

Worked since 1987 with a degree as system operator; sysadmin; programmer.


Finished education at Evening School Working Young People.

Double-entered to Universities with a good marks (at 1989 and 2007). Always I gotten an artificial obstacles and barriers, such as unjustified refusal to provide a student hostel; staging of the loss of documents, difficulty in communicating with teachers.

HRAV#: 2, 26[1]

For the purpose of immigration I sent a telegram to the M.Gorbachev with a request to deprive me of my citizenship of USSR. In response, I was refused with the reason is obliged to serve in the Soviet Army.

HRAV#: 15[2]

For refusing to serve in the Soviet Army, I was probationary sentenced to 2 years of prison.

HRAV#: 18


Upon receipt of refusal to issue a foreign passport and permission to leave, escaping from criminal prosecution of recruiting office, I was trying to leave the country on a inflatable liferaft.

Together with my brother, we went from the coast of Kamchatka in the Pacific Ocean. On the third day of traveling far out to sea, we were detained by atomic submarine.

Shadow of the Dreamshine

For illegal border-crossing I was probationary criminal sentenced.

HRAV#: 13[2]


More than 10 years had no work. For employers was forbidden to hire a workers without a military passport, which is issued after the SU Army.

I was deceived and refuse by Social Welfare. I couldn't to got any dole, had social exclusion. MIA Precinct Agents tried to involve me into the crime, to got me hooked drug on. They spreading rumors about my homosexuality, but it's a lie. Which makes difficultly to life in the Russia.

HRAV#: 12, 22, 23[1]

Despite the difficulties and great experience (since 1986), at 2000 I dropped to smoke.


After the end of military age in the process of obtaining a military passport recruiting office by deception put me to like a prison mental hospital and subjected to forced treatment for a nonexistent disease.

I was tortured by hunger, tied a violent, force-fed drugs, force-irradiated my head with X-rays lot of minutes.

Since then, I have the enduring memory of the psychotropic medications that blocked brain activity. I suspect that in Russia there was collusion for drugging all citizens. Well-known “antiviral” drug Arbidol for action and taste similar toHaloperidol, and Aciclovir similar to Cyclodol.

I was barely escaped from there, for a long time hiding from the pursuit.

HRAV#: 3, 5, 9


I migrated to Moscow. Eight years hard worked in IT as administrator and/or programmer. Often was violations of labor law, but had to endure.

M9, Work Office, Home Office

Salary was between $150 to $450, it is about 10 times less than the wages of IT-engineer in the developed world. Given the prices for accommodation in Moscow and social insecurity workers, I think it is a contemporary form of slavery.

HRAV#: 4, 23[2], 23[3], 24

Exploiting my financial and juridical illiteracy all of my earnings for 8 years fully absorbed by stocks exchanges and forex.com (can't complain). I guess that hidden police slipped the information to me.


The company, where I worked, got a financial troubles and I was forced to resign. Feeling frustrated, I decided to learn a new profession and organized their own business.

I began moving stuff. Never drived cars before, got licence since 2010. I'd got a lot of hard works and good lessons. Hey, drive is cool! Any kid dreams to drive, to shoot and to gallop. I had a plan to rebuild one of vehicle to electric hybrid, made investment to equipment.

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At 2013, for the first time of 45 years age, I decided to visit abroad and flown to spend the cold russian winter onto hot south Sri Lanka. For few days before airtrip I'd got damaged my KIA miniven (look at Mine Cars). Some hoodlums brewed clog to me when I moved to airport.

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Everyone has the right to dream

All the trip cost to me about 30% less when sometimes in Russia. I'd cost about $1000 to airtrips (Moscow-Kathmandu-Colombo-Moscow) and about $1000 to live per 3 month.


After returning I was undergone brutal social repressions. My stuff consistently to stolen, destroy and damage. I'd difficulties in communication, blocking calls and internet filtering. Began false orders and intractable problems. I've been placed under demonstrative blatant surveillance and spying. Some people photographed and followed me.

Under disgrace

I'd difficulties even banking service. Without reasons was blocked my purchase by VISA. Calls to support has been intercepted, I could't connect to my bank. It's can made only Special Services. They pryingly asked to me about occurence of my home residence.

HRAV#: 12

My business was destroyed by hoodlums. Cars are given in disrepair with dangerous consequences: spoiled brakes, twisted wheels. One of the car (in the middle) has been stolen while I was in vacation.

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Mine Cars

The Police is inactive, the investigations was blocked with beadledom.

HRAV#: 7, 12


To saved by pursuit I'd went about 1500 km away from my residence and settled in an abandoned hut. I lived a subsistence economy, grew vegetables and poultry, breed leeches.

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Biker, Melon Rev 1-2, FarmWorker


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BirdPersons, Abandoned Hut, Leeches

But when the enemies to known where am I the repressions was resumed. They are degrade my garden, spoiling stuff, to poison and infect water and food. I have nothing to do. All of my action is blocked and turn to ruin. My hut was treated some special chemistry and burned down. Now I've living in the old car and can freeze to death onto winter.

Infect Attack, Ruined Garden, The Palp

My attempts to find a job, sell something is blocked. Also because of the lack of residence registration I have not available any social.

After the attempted theft of my trailer to hide the facts the Precinct Police Inspector forced me to give false testimony.

With great difficulty was able to replace my passport witch expired on 45 years age. Officials have imposed an unjust fine and demanded a bribe from me. The court rejected the appeal, and the judge in my presence recommended to the officials toughen punishment.

HRAV#: 12, 22, 25

Last update 09/20/2016 
Andre w Wingor odov